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Welcome to Bass Lessons Melbourne!

Bass Guitar Lessons Melbourne
Looking for online bass lessons?
Tired of trying to learn from YouTube?
Not to worry! Through the magic of the interwebs I can show you how to play that 4 octave-triplet-slap-arpeggio that you've been dying to learn wherever you are in the world! Just click on the icon to the left, send me an email or fill in the contact form and we can arrange a lesson time that suits you on whatever video conferencing platform you prefer!
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Bass Guitar Lessons Melbourne


Teaching from my home studio enables me to create a relaxed atmosphere for my students. Learning a new instrument can be daunting but I strive to make my lessons as fun as they are productive.

Bass Guitar Lessons Melbourne


I have been playing bass for over 15 years and have been lucky enough to sustain a career in music. Having travelled across the globe playing bass for a myriad of different artists, I am now in a unique position to pass on that knowledge to you, the student.

Bass Guitar Lessons Melbourne


Everyone is different: we like different music, we have different goals and aspirations, our hands are different sizes etc; etc; As such I will listen to your needs and tailor a lesson plan specifically for you.

Student Feedback

"Craig is exactly what i needed in a teacher. He's really good at understanding where you are at if you are self taught and is really great with his exercises to get your technique and groove into shape!"


- Bill


"Craig's skill in tailoring a unique and customised lesson plan is unmatchable. He was able to lift the veil on a lot of the mystery behind bass playing and how it relates to music theory.... I wish I could've learned from Craig from the start so that I could benefit from a full lesson plan."

                                                                                                - Jason

"Craig is an amazing teacher, his theory and technical skills are at the top of the game. He makes it easy to understand and tailors lessons around your skill level and musical genres. I would highly recommend him."

                                                                                             - Andrew

"There are many people who claim they can teach, but don't provide clear instruction....Craig has a fantastic lesson plan with progressive steps that move slow enough to encourage growth, but fast enough to keep it challenging....I highly recommend him as a bass teacher."

                                                                                               - Terence

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