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Video Lessons

Check out the free video lessons below, download the PDF's and be sure to subscribe for updates :)

Funk Bass Masters - Groove Mashup

7 Masters of Funk Bass - 7 Different Grooves - 1 Funky Track!!

Improve Your Groove!

This video deals with the often overlooked but incredibly powerful concept of how note length can affect your groove.

The Modes - Unlocked!

Have you struggled with what the modes are and how to apply them to you playing? Then watch this video!
Download your FREE 'Modes Practice Pack'

This is one of my favourite tunes from 2018 and figured it would be good pick to do a transcription and playalong video. 

Jaco Pastorius Groove Lesson

Learn how to play funky 16th note style bass lines in the style of the amazing Jaco Pastorius.

Bootsy Collins Groove Lesson

In this lesson I demonstrate a groove in the style of the legendary Bootsy Collins and talk about ways to get that tone with the use of effects, and also how note length and articulation can really help with the overall feel of the groove.

Larry Graham Groove Lesson

Get your super funk attack bass chops happening with this video that looks at the slap bass style of Larry Graham.

Rocco Prestia Groove Lesson

In this video I look at the style of Rocco Prestia, legendary bass player for Tower Of Power.

Minor Pentatonics: Supercharged!

Want to add some spice to your tired licks, or feel like you're trapped in this 'box' style of playing? Watch this video :)

The Flea Groove Lesson

Learn 3 main characteristics of Flea's playing and get easy practice tips to get you playing this line as quickly as possible.

James Jamerson Groove Lesson

Mr James Jamerson: a true titan of our instrument having influenced everyone from Victor Wooten and Jon Entwhistle, to Pino Palladino and Paul Mccartney.

Major Pentatonics: Supercharged!

In this video we look at a few simple ways to make the major pentatonic a more useful and colourful tool for your bass playing.

The Power Of Love - Huey Lewis

A playalong of one of my favourite tunes from the 80's that isn't too challenging to get your head around but  is good fun to play.

E Major Scale Harmonisation

This must-know exercise will improve your fretboard knowledge as well as your understanding of diatonic harmony.

Bass Isometrics

This warmup exercise is crucial for developing left hand strength and finger independence.

Palm Muted Groove Lesson

This video breaks down a palm muting/clawhammer style of playing that enables you to define the harmony, keep a backbeat.

Double Thumb Slap Lesson

Learn the basics of the Victor Wooten style double-thumb slap style.

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