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Funk Bass Masters Series

This groove based on Rocco Prestia's playing style features left hand muting techniques, syncopated 16ths and tricky string skipping passages.

Modelled after the infamous bass player for the RHCP, this groove will help improve your fingerboard leaping capability.

Get ready to give your right hand a workout! A near continuous stream of 16ths with prominent muted notes and tricky chromatic passages.

As Larry would say, this is some Super Funk Attack Bass! Classic slap style bass line with lots of octaves and even some double stops.

A driving funk slap bass line in the vein of the late, great, Louis Johnson - Thunder Thumbs...

A through composed, chromatic throwback to halcyon days of rhythm section playing from Funk Brother No.1, Mr James Jamerson

It's all about 'The One' in this groove. Hit it hard and heavy, dig out your funkalicious effetcs pedals and get ready to party!

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